House of Virgin Mary

According to Christian traditional beliefs this is the House that Virgin Mary lived her days after the Resurrection of Christ.

She was brought to Ephesus by Apostle John. In 1812 there was a German nun by the name Sister Ann Catherine Emmerich who visualized the journey of Apostle John and Virgin Mary from Jerusalem to Ephesus. She described the house so vividly and it was recorded.

The sister had never travelled anywhere else. The house of Virgin Mary is also sacred to Muslims, because the Muslims recognised Mary to be the mother of Prophet Jesus. The house became a Catholic shrine in 1896. Today many visitors from all over the world flock to the shrine. There is water which is being believed as a holy water and can be drunk by anyone. The spring water is believed to have healing properties. You can also put papers on the prayer wall and have a wish. The House of Virgin Mary is a must visit.

Festivals and Events
On August 15 (the Feast of the Assumption of Mary) each year, Catholic, Orthodox and Muslim clergy conduct a service together at the shrine, one of the rare occasions this happens anywhere.

Getting There It is 8 km away from Selcuk. You can get there only with a taxi or a private vehicle. Taxis charges 60 TL to take you up to House of Mary, and back to Ephesus upper Gate after your visit. ( They wait you during your visit at Mary's House)

From both the Upper and Lower entrances to Ephesus, follow the signs to Meryemana, which is in a park and nature preserve.